Dutch & Dutch 8c

  • Accurate

    With its constant directivity from 100 Hz upwards and flat frequency response from 20 Hz upwards, music can now be experienced exactly as it was intended.

  • Adaptive

    Tune the system to the room, not the room to the system. 8c’s adapt to the room they are in and can be placed (very) close to room boundaries without losing performance.

  • All-In-One

    Besides drivers, the 8c’s small footprint presence holds high-end DACs, amps, subwoofers and a DSP. The system also comes with room matching, sync and streaming capabilities out-of-the-box.

Discover the 8c

The 8c is measurably among the world's most accurate speakers. It preserves this quality regardless of your listening room. In fact, it utilizes your room's acoustics to elevate its capabilities. Learn more about the 8c's and its many unique features.

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Introducing Plugins

Firmware release 2.4 made the 8c the first ever loudspeaker to run commercial third-party software plugins. The first available plugin brings BACCH to your listening space.

BACCH 3D Spatial Audio is a groundbreaking technology that creates a spatial soundstage from only two speakers through crosstalk elimination.

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Help Develop EarEQ

Everybody's hearing is different. And hearing can change over time, as it is impacted by age and potential hearing loss. EarEQ is an experimental new 8c plugin, that aims to correct the 8c’s output for a listener's individual loudness perception. EarEQ is still in early development and we are looking for research participants. Are you interested? Join the research phase and get the plugin for free!

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Make The Room Disappear

The room you are in significantly impacts the quality of your sound. That's why the 8c has RoomMatching. A stack of acoustical and digital technologies that integrate your room into the controllable signal path. Dive deep into how the 8c works with your room, instead of against it, as conventional loudspeakers do.

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Direct Multi-Room Streaming

The 8c accepts direct streaming of multichannel audio from Spotify and Roon. As 8c's sync digitally to each other with sub-sample accuracy, no extra equipment is needed.

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Nothing is added. Nothing left out.

In Other News

Community Involvement

Our hometown of Rotterdam has a vibrant atmosphere, because local people take cultural initiatives. We want to support these trailblazers, so a few years ago we decided to sponsor one such initiative called The CultureHub with a pair of 8c's. Today we sat down with the owner for a brief interview, delving into the impact of our collaboration.

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