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John Atkinson


Going Dutch (& Dutch): a Conversation with Martijn Mensink.

Together we create magic.

Patrice Baumel talks about composing music in general and on Dutch & Dutch specific.

Recommended​ Loudspeaker Product 2022

Will these make EVERY STUDIO sound GREAT?

White Sea Studio reviewing the 8c.

Studio Akustik for small rooms

Diego Estan

Soundstage Hifi

“They sounded realistic and transparent, and belying somewhat pro-audio appearance, sonically they entirely “disappeared” in my room.”

David Grzyb


“At my place it pulled stunts beyond reach of vast majority of floorstanders and monitors known to me and was exceptionally easygoing while doing so.”

Colby Ramsey

Soundstage Hifi

“Response was even and smooth from the lowest to highest frequencies, and I’ve rarely heard such a stable centre image, almost like having an additional monitor there.”

Falk Visarius


Test: Aktivlautsprecher mit D/A-Wandler Dutch & Dutch 8c – Ein leckeres Gedeck.

Kalman Rubinson


“The Dutch & Dutch 8c’s might be the sweet spot in the new category of active speakers”

Marja & Henk


“Here we felt the 8c to be as neutral as can be. There was no hint of coloration, accent or emphasis. Whatever we put in is what came out, just louder.”

Sinan Kökbugur

“Om maar meteen de deur in te trappen: de 8c’s klinken goed, heel goed zelfs.”

Jason Kennedy


“If you want to hear the future of fidelity, grab yourself an audition forthwith.”

Erin's audio corner

“This is information for those who prefer just the facts.”

Phil Ward

Sound on Sound

“It’s difficult to know where to start because there is so much to admire about the 8c.”