Updates can keep your 8c’s up-to-date with industry standards and trends. After extensive testing periods, new firmware versions are made available from our cloud based software platform. If so desired and set up, 8c’s will download and install these updates automatically, adding new features overnight.

Latest release.


 V 2.1 was officially released on April 19th, 2022. This release brings back Room EQ Wizard support and significantly improves sync robustness. So now you have Roon integration, REW integration, and our brand new native app at your fingertips.

Room EQ Wizard integration

You can now send filters directly from REW to your 8c’s after measuring your room.

More information about how to use REW with your 8c’s.

Download Room EQ Wizard.

How to update?

In the Ascend app a gray notification icon should become visible in the header of the main control view. Click this icon to go to the firmware view and then click ‘Install’ in the bottom of the screen.

Quick start


Previous release.


2.0 is a major update. Not only will we have ROON implementation but also a completely new app to make setting up and controlling the 8c even simpler and more versatile than ever before.

2.0 was officially released on December 15th 2021.

NOTE: The release will become available to every 8-series product in a period of two weeks from this date forward. So if 2.0 is not available yet for your serial number check back in a couple of days. Another NOTE: Release 1.4 included REW support, this is not yet included in Release 2.0. However, as part of the upgrade to Release 2.0 existing Room EQ Matching filters are migrated.

How to update.

When you are running 1.4.XX or older goto settings –> firmware and follow the on-screen instructions. This will guide you through the up-date process towards 2.0 firmware. 

Once the 2.0 software is installed will no longer work as a control surface for your 8c’s. Go to our web app to control your 8c’s with our new control surface.

ROON goes Dutch & Dutch

Not only is the Dutch & Dutch 8c per 15 December 2021 ROON certified but the ROON store also became our Hifi sales channel for the US market.

Native App 

The Ascend app is available as web app and native app for Android and Apple iOs.

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