BACCH Plugin

BACCH technology revolutionizes stereo sound reproduction. It was developed by Edgar Choueiri, a Princeton professor, and it focuses on crosstalk cancellation to create an immersive and realistic audio experience. The technology tackles the problem of stereo recordings not accurately reproducing sound localization in real life. Instead of manufacturing a phantom image, BACCH leverages the natural differences in arrival time, amplitude, and tonality between the listener's ears to create precise localization. It overcomes the issue of inter-aural crosstalk that occurs when sound is reproduced from two loudspeakers.

BACCH stands for "Band-Assembled Crosstalk Cancellation Hierarchy" and it introduces a novel approach to crosstalk cancellation. The technology avoids introducing any coloration or distortion to the audio signal, ensuring a transparent and natural listening experience.

The BACCH filter offers a solution to the shortcomings of previous crosstalk cancellation efforts. It shifts the processing from the amplitude domain to the phase domain. The filter enhances the perception of spatiality, envelopment, proximity, depth, and resolution in the reproduced sound. It creates a three-dimensional soundstage that extends beyond the boundaries of the loudspeakers, providing a captivating and immersive listening experience.

This offers benefits across various genres of music and recordings. It is compatible with binaural recordings, purist recordings of jazz and classical music, as well as generic and rock/pop studio recordings. The technology can unveil new layers of detail and structure in complex orchestral compositions and vocal arrangements. It enhances the perception of harmonics and improves the spatial extent and resolution of the sound image.

Industry professionals and experts, including composer David Chesky, have recognized the significance of BACCH in transforming the perception of sound reproduction. The technology opens up new possibilities for stereo systems, surpassing the limitations of the traditional 60-degree stereo triangle. With BACCH, listeners can enjoy an unprecedented level of detail, depth, and envelopment, akin to experiencing music in a live setting.

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