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Dutch & Dutch pushes the boundaries of audio system design as the 8c becomes the first ever loudspeaker to run commercial third-party software plugins.

Rotterdam, October 13, 2023 – Dutch & Dutch introduced the 8c all-in-one audio system in 2018. From the start we acknowledged the critical role of the listening room in accurate audio reproduction, which is why we equipped the 8c with RoomMatching; the technology stack that blends speaker and listening room into a unified acoustic entity. RoomMatching is what gave the 8c its initial success and to date no other audio system integrates with a listening room as seamlessly and effectively as the 8c.

Today we are setting a new benchmark by making that same 8c the first ever loudspeaker that can be extended with commercial third-party software plugins. For both new and existing 8c customers, this opens up a new realm of possibilities, with software developers all over the world now being able to create and sell software for the 8c ecosystem. The ability to evolve with industry trends and front-run new ones, is a major, exciting step towards making the 8c a true “End Game” speaker.

The first plugin that will be made available is the BACCH plugin. BACCH technology solves the challenge of acoustic crosstalk that occurs between sound from two speakers. Stereo source material contains immersive spatial cues, which are normally masked by acoustic crosstalk. BACCH unmasked these cues, which results in an unprecedented, immersive listening experience from only two loudspeakers. The fact that 8c’s are cardioid (and therefore highly directional) makes them perfectly suited for BACCH application.

This innovation is made possible by the 8c’s software platform, Ascend. It is an integrative combination of embedded, web, cloud and mobile software which offers digital synchronization between speakers, direct streaming, DSP control, room correction, secure updates and now third party plugins as well as a range of other features. During the coming period Dutch & Dutch will be researching the possibility of making Ascend available to other speaker manufacturers. Should your company be interested in this, please contact us!

Also, if you are a software developer who would like to release an audio plugin to the 8c ecosystem, please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

To each of our customers: we hope you enjoy the new BACCH plugin and that you look to the future with excitement! Another plugin is already under active development, with several others in the pipeline. The regular firmware updates will also continue to be pushed out up to four times per year just like before. Dutch & Dutch is committed to the 8c and to delivering an ever-improving, exceptional audio experience to you. There will be no 8c MkII; you already own the MkII.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Kevin Kleine
+31 10 737 0863

More information on firmware release 2.4 here.

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