Firmware Version 2.4

Firmware Version 2.4

This document describes the contents and new features of firmware release 2.4 for the Dutch & Dutch 8-series products.


Firmware version 2.4 was officially released on Oct 18th 2023. This version makes the 8c the first ever loudspeakers capable of running commercial third-party plugins. The release furthermore includes the BACCH plugin for 3D spatial audio, a quick menu in the Ascend app and improved stability when switching between streaming sources. If you use the Ascend app to control your 8c's, it is recommended to update to the latest version of the app before installing this firmware.

Platform Link
Local Network http://8c-XXXX
(replace "XXXX" with the serial number of one of your speakers)

New Features

Third-party software plugins

It is now possible to purchase third-party software plugins for your 8c. This opens up a new realm of possibilities, with software developers all over the world now being able to create and sell software for the 8c ecosystem. Available plugins will be listed under "Store" in the room settings menu, from where you can request a trial period and find the purchase link to the Dutch & Dutch web shop.

BACCH plugin

The first available plugin is the BACCH plugin. BACCH technology solves the challenge of crosstalk cancellation which enables it to restore the hidden spatial cues that are present in source material. This can create an unprecedented, immersive listening experience from only two loudspeakers. The fact that 8c’s are cardioid (and therefore highly directional) makes them perfectly suited for BACCH application.

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Quick Menu

To make switching between profiles, voicings and plugin settings easier, a quick menu was added to the bottom of the room overview in the Ascend app. By clicking the voicing icon, for instance, the quick menu will show the three voicings you last selected. Tap to select, long press to edit. The arrow in the top right corner of the quick menu will take you to the entire list.

Remote Commissioning Service

Under "Store" in the room settings menu, you'll find "RCS". This is an in-app option to order the Remote Commissioning Service, which means a Dutch & Dutch engineer will perform room measurement and correction  procedure for you remotely, making sure that your system is perfectly tuned to your listening room.

How to update?

Once all speakers in a room have successfully discovered the new firmware, a gray notification icon will appear at the top of the room view in your Ascend app. To proceed with the firmware installation, click on this icon, which will direct you to the firmware view. In the firmware view, locate the 'Install' button at the bottom of the screen and click on it to initiate the installation process.

Please ensure that you have updated your Ascend app to the latest version before proceeding with the firmware installation. Keeping your app up to date is essential to ensure compatibility and to access the latest features and enhancements.


Some customers have reported issues with updating to this release from r2.1. If you encounter problems while updating to r2.4 then please contact us so we can guide you through the update procedure.

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