8c's improve over time

Dutch & Dutch has made significant investments to ensure seamless, secure, and bug-free over-the-air updates. As a result, every 8c connected to the internet can receive new features up to four times a year. Recent updates have introduced support for REW, Roon Ready, and Spotify Connect.

While we don't disclose our roadmap, rest assured that we have exciting plans lined up to further extend the capabilities of your 8c audio system in the future. Simply put, your 8c's will evolve and improve, while you sit back and enjoy your music.

How updates work

Before an update is released to customers, it is subjected to extensive testing by both internal and external beta testers. Only updates that pass all tests successfully become available to customer systems. If your system has internet access, it will periodically contact our servers to check for new firmware. When an update is found, Ascend will present you with an option to download and install it.

Security and privacy

For security and privacy compliance, we've ensured that our servers cannot initiate a connection with any 8c speaker. However, the 8c can establish a secure connection to send text messages (logs) that aid in troubleshooting without linking to personal data. Additionally, every connection from the 8c to our servers is encrypted and firmware updates are digitally signed to prevent potential malicious software installation should a server become compromised.

Firmware Versions

Listed below is every 8-series firmware version going back to april 2018. Click any version for more details.

Version 2.4

Firmware version 2.4 was released on Oct 18th 2023. This version makes the 8c the first ever loudspeakers capable of running commercial third-party plugins. The release furthermore includes the BACCH plugin for 3D spatial audio, a quick menu in the Ascend app and improved stability when switching between streaming sources. If you use the Ascend app to control your 8c's, it is recommended to update to the latest version of the app before installing this firmware.

Version 2.3

Firmware version 2.3  was released on May 24th 2023. This version introduces External Gain Control, Network Testing, improved REW connectivity and more. If you use Ascend to control your 8c's, it is recommended to update to the latest version of the app before installing this firmware.

Version 2.2

Firmware version 2.2 was released on Dec 22st 2022. This version introduces Spotify Connect along with several other new features and improvements.

Version 2.1

Firmware version 2.1 was released on April 19th 2022. This release brings back Room EQ Wizard support and significantly improves sync robustness.

Version 2.0

Firmware version 2.0 was released on December 15th 2021. The release introduces room based system control, digital sync, our native app Ascend and Roon-Ready support.

Version 1.4

Firmware version 1.4 was released on July 27th 2020. The release enables the embedded Release Management System (RMS) which gives you control over firmware installations and back-ups. It also makes Active Room Matching better by integrating with Room EQ Wizard. This makes it easier to acoustically integrate the 8c’s into any room, in less time.

Version 1.3

Firmware version 1.3 was released on Sept 5th 2018. It focused primarily on internal improvements.

Version 1.2

Firmware version 1.2 was released on April 4th 2018. It enabled setting boundary settings from web-app.