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Firmware Version 2.0

This document describes the contents and new features of firmware release 2.0 for the Dutch & Dutch 8-series products.

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Firmware version 2.0 was officially released on December 15th 2021. The release introduces room based system control, digital sync, a native app called "Ascend" and Roon-Ready support.


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Known Issues

  • Although r1.4 included REW support, this is not yet included in r2.0. However, as part of the upgrade to r2.0 existing Room EQ Matching filters are migrated. (edit: REW support was added in 2.0.27)

New Features

Roon Ready

Dutch & Dutch 8-series products running r2.0 are certified Roon Ready. After the products have been set-up using the Ascend app, the room shows up in Roon as an endpoint

Room based

In r1.4 8c's could be grouped in, which could then send simultaneous control signals to multiple 8c's with one user action. In r2.0 the 8c's are grouped on the device level. The 8c's find, connect and sync to each other on the network and present themselves as a single unit towards the various software clients. This makes the system more robust and manageable. It also provides a basis for more sync/streaming based features in the future.

Room EQ Matching profiles

A profile is a collection of filter settings, that have been optimized for a specific position (or zone) within a room. R2.0 8c's can store multiple Room EQ profiles and allow instant switching between them.

Tone controls

On top of Room EQ profiles, r2.0 has tone controls. Whereas profiles are meant to match the room (create a completely flat sound within a certain room), presets can be used to match your mood. Using generic sub, bass and treble filters and up to 16 parametric EQ filters to shape the sound the way you like it.

User presets

Presets allow you to store and recall a number of different system settings under one label. These are gain, input mode, phase mode, tone controls and Room EQ Matching profile.

Digital sync

From r2.0 forward, 8-series products boast digital sync in sub-sample accuracy.

Ascend app

The Ascend app is available as web app and native app for Android. The iOS app will be released shortly.

How to update?

Assuming your systems are currently running a 1.4 release, the way to upgrade is to open and for each of your 8c's go to settings -> firmware. If 2.0 is available, it is listed under "Available firmware". Go to the details page for the release and click install. Check first that the update is available for both 8c's.

After the installation, will not work with your system anymore. Lanspeaker will still load and show your 8c's, but will not be able to control them anymore. For firmware release 2.0.0 and up Ascend is the only working control application. Ascend can be found online on and in the Android Play Store, with the iOS app being released ASAP.


➜ After updating to firmware r2.0 one of my 8c's is not being discovered by the Ascend app.

If this happens, it is possible that something went wrong during the update. There are two ways to recover from this, both of which require the usage of the Release Management System (RMS).

  1. If you want your 8c's to keep running r2.0, then use the RMS to perform a factory reset. This should be done on each 8c separately, with all other 8c's turned off during the reset. A detailed guide is available on the RMS support page.
  2. If you want your systems to go back to r1.4, then use the RMS to restore the latest automatic Major Upgrade back-up. More information is available on the RMS support page.

If you have tried these steps without success, or if you need assistance while applying them, request a support session with one of our engineers.

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