Ascend Ecosystem

Dutch & Dutch got in early on the shift towards active loudspeakers in high-end audio. We have invested years of development into our hardware and software platform, to make sure we would be positioned at the forefront of this emerging field.

Ascend is the result of that commitment. A customizable technology platform with an array of features, that can be integrated into any loudspeaker to make it instantly transition from passive to high-end active.

Partner with us

Over the next years, Dutch & Dutch will be researching the possibility to partner with other speaker manufacturers, to assist them in their move into the exciting world of active high-end. If you are interested in employing Ascend in your audio products, then please contact us for an open conversation about the possibilities.

Simply send an e-mail to to initiate the conversion.

  • Control App

    Available for iOS, Android and web, the Ascend app is used by thousands of listeners everyday to control their audio systems. The app allows grouping speakers into rooms, controlling volume and playback, setting up room EQ, general EQ, selecting plugins and much more.

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  • Embedded System

    A combination of hard- and software which drives the physical audio systems and controls every part of the playback, including filters, delays, streaming, sync as well as downloading firmware updates and plug-ins.

  • Management Suite

    To monitor the state of connected devices and being to support the efficiently if needed, Ascend includes a management application. To be fully GDPR compliant this consists of two parts. The first part is connected to the audio systems and receives log messages. The second part is connected to by the Ascend app and is used to manage user related data, such as accounts and licenses.

Ascend Features

Digital sync

When connected to a LAN, Ascended devices sync to each other with nanosecond precision.

Streaming services

Currently Ascend supports Spotify and Roon as streaming sources. Support for a number of additional sources is planned is planned for the near future.

Software Plug-ins

Through Ascend, the 8c became the first ever loudspeaker to support third-party software plugins. Plugins are not only an exciting new development for audiophiles around the world, they also presents manufacturers with an interesting opportunity for after-sales. Four new plugins are (currently) planned for 2024.

Room EQ

Room EQ Wizard (REW) is one of the best known room EQ software applications out there. Not only is it freely available, Ascended devices are discovered and connected to automatically from REW.

Firmware management

Ascend offers powerful and secure firmware update logic. Besides the Ascend app, it offers the low level Release Management System that allows users robust and detailed access to the firmware running on their systems.

Secure updates

Ascend firmware updates are cryptographically signed to prevent security issues, even in case of a server breach.

GDPR Compliant

Ascend was designed with privacy and GDPR compliance in mind.

User Accounts

Expected in Q1 2024.

Full device control

Every relevant aspect of the audio system can be controlled by the user through the Ascend mobile app. This includes playback volume, input selection, EQ, streaming playback control and many other settings.

Preset engine

The Ascend application allows users to create presets to easily switch to a predefined combination of settings.

Device monitoring and management

Ascend offers manufacturers detailed (anonymous) insight into device usage without violating their customers' privacy or the GDPR.

Product Registration Logic

Expected Q1 2024

Support Ticketing System

Expected Q1 2024.


Is your loudspeaker brand looking to add active loudspeakers to the portfolio, but you don't know where to start or you don't want to re-invent the (many) wheel(s)? Let's talk about the possibilities! Contact us on