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Firmware Version 2.3

This document describes the contents and new features of firmware release 2.3 for the Dutch & Dutch 8-series products.


Firmware version 2.3 was officially released on May 24th 2023. This version introduces External Gain Control, Network Testing, improved REW connectivity and more. If you use Ascend to control your 8c's, it is recommended to update to the latest version of the app before installing this firmware.

Platform Link
Local Network http://8c-XXXX
(replace "XXXX" with the serial number of one of your speakers)

New Features

Gain Control Setting

If you prefer to control the volume of your 8c speakers using an external preamp rather than the Ascend app, we have introduced a new feature to accommodate your preference.

  • In the room control view, navigate to the settings and choose "XLR Input Settings." Within these settings, you will find an option called "Gain Control," which can be set to either "In App" (the default setting) or "External."
  • When "In App" is selected, there are no changes to how the volume is currently controlled.
  • When "External" is selected, the XLR input gain (excluding the streaming  gain) will be fixed at 0 dB. Adjusting the streaming gain will no longer have an impact on the XLR input gain.
  • Please note that any gain correction you have previously set will still be applied.

Network tester

We understand that some of our customers have encountered streaming issues due to unreliable networks. To assist in improving such  situations, we have developed a network testing tool that can effectively identify and help resolve network problems.

  • The network testing tool works by sending a series of ping messages from one 8c to the other, measuring drop-outs and round trip time. Based on these measurements, it provides a score indicating the quality of your network.
  • To access the network tester, simply navigate to the bottom section of the Room Settings view and click "Test Network".
  • Once you are in the Network Tester view, the tool will automatically perform a test every 5 minutes. This allows you to continually monitor the impact of any changes you make to your network.

Room EQ Wizard

We have recently identified and resolved an issue regarding filter handling compatibility between REW and the 8c firmware.

  • Rest assured that your existing Room Profiles created with REW will continue to function and sound as they did before, without any changes. However, it is important to note that these profiles cannot be modified any further.
  • If you find the need to update an existing REW Room Profile, you can do so by creating a copy of the original profile first. To create a copy of a profile, navigate to the RoomMatching menu and select the "Copy existing profile" option. This will allow you to work with a duplicated profile, giving you the flexibility to make the necessary updates while retaining the original profile.

In addition, we have identified and resolved a bug in our firmware that previously caused unreliable discovery from REW. Consequently, the process of creating new room profiles from REW is significantly more robust.

  • For more information on how to create a room profile with REW, we invite you to read this article on the Dutch & Dutch support website. It provides detailed guidance and instructions to ensure a seamless experience in generating room profiles using REW.
  • Fore more information on REW itself, please check out its website.

On a more technical note, we have re-enabled link local address generation. This makes it possible to connect and discover an 8c directly from a computer without having a router in between.

How to update?

Once all speakers in a room have successfully discovered the new firmware, a gray notification icon will appear at the top of the room view in your Ascend app. To proceed with the firmware installation, click on this icon, which will direct you to the firmware view. In the firmware view, locate the 'Install' button at the bottom of the screen and click on it to initiate the installation process.

Please ensure that you have updated your Ascend app to the latest version before proceeding with the firmware installation. Keeping your app up to date is essential to ensure compatibility and to access the latest features and enhancements.


Three issues have been found and patched for this release

  • 2.3.10 Gain initialization during startup now properly sets the default gain.
  • 2.3.13 Fixed the migration process of 1.4 settings, which did not detect the presence of a default room.
  • 2.3.14 Fixed that under certain circumstances room filters were not programmed after power cycle.