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Dutch & Dutch

Firmware Version 1.3

This document describes the contents and new features of firmware release 1.3 for the Dutch & Dutch 8-series products.


Three 1.3 builds have been released: 4, 12 and 18. All are installable on the Dutch & Dutch 8c and 8m through the self hosted user interface. The interface is accessible from http://8c-[serialnumber] or http://8c-[serialnumber].local, depending on your local router settings.

Build Release Date
1.3.4 Sept 5th 2018
1.3.12 Dec 11th 2018
1.3.18 Sept 24th 2019

Known Issues

  • Build 4 contains a bug that produces incorrect boundary settings, this was fixed in build 12

New Features


  • Minimised amount of mute-related DSP calls, removing extraneous tick/click noises
  • Enhanced DSP writing algorithm
  • Fixed standby unmuting
  • Implemented DBus logging through Clerk
  • Enhanced stream selection identifiers
  • Fixed preset loading issue

Discovery and control

  • Updated embedded LanSpeaker


  • Enhanced group delay, speaker delay is now the minimum required
  • Startup noise suppression
  • Enhanced startup algorithm to avoid a faint tone
  • Disabled sub output mute in the defaults.