Remote Commissioning Service


The sound quality you hear is primarily determined by two things. The quality of your loudspeakers and the way they interact with the acoustics of your room. Rather than fight the acoustics of your room as most speakers do, 8c's can work in concert with your room. For this to work RoomMatching needs to be properly set up.

Room EQ Wizard

The best way to set up RoomMatching is by using Room EQ Wizard ( This is free room correction software that is compatible with your 8c's. We have written a detailed guide on all the steps involved, to make setting up RoomMatching yourself as easy as possible. Alternatively, you can have a trained Dutch & Dutch professional set up RoomMatching for you. This is called our Remote Commissioning Service (RCS). It's goal is to get everyone of our customers to enjoy the optimal sonic performance of their Dutch & Dutch system in any given room.

RCS in practice

After the cabinets are properly installed and hooked up in the your room, one of our engineers makes contact and sets up a remote TeamViewer session over the internet in order to make the necessary measurements. It is an interactive session where you as a customer participate by moving the measurement microphone around the room in order to gather the data needed to make the right room correction settings.

Included is a professional measurement USB microphone which we will ship to your location directly.

Have you become interested? Order RCS here.