Warranty Coverage

Every Dutch & Dutch product is meticulously crafted to adhere to the most rigorous standards. However, in the unlikely event of encountering a product issue, rest assured that all Dutch & Dutch products are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty. The scope of coverage extends to defects in materials and/or workmanship.

All products come with a standard one-year coverage that can be extended to three years by registering your product.

In order to register your Dutch & Dutch product, please send an email to info@dutchdutch.com and include a photo or scan of the original purchase receipt. Your receipt should mention the serial number of your 8c speaker.

In certain cases, Dutch & Dutch may request proof of purchase or direct you to utilize product registration on dutchdutch.com.

Seamless Return Process

For all orders placed on dutchdutch.com, a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee is extended. Please note that, depending on the product, a restocking fee may apply.

A prerequisite for initiating a return is that all returned items are maintained in their original condition, housed in the original packaging, and accompanied by the warranty card, gifts, and all other accessories, devoid of any damage.

Should you encounter any issues with your product or find yourself less than fully satisfied with your purchase, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are at your service and ready to assist.

Dutch & Dutch's Comprehensive Warranty

This warranty is not limited to the primary purchaser of Dutch & Dutch product(s) from an authorized dealer. The warranty continues to apply if you proceed to sell or transfer the Dutch & Dutch product(s) to another party or entity.

The warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Normal wear and tear, including environmental impacts on the Dutch & Dutch product and/or its components.
  2. Mechanical damage or disruption incurred during transportation, not attributed to the fault of Dutch & Dutch and its authorized distributor.
  3. Wear of consumable items naturally affected by usage.
  4. Dutch & Dutch products without intact serial number labels or with labels that are missing, damaged, altered, removed, or tampered with.
  5. Dutch & Dutch products and/or components not purchased from authorized dealers/distributors, including parallel imports or products from the gray market.
  6. Incorrect or unauthorized parts that are replaced or utilized for the Dutch & Dutch product.
  7. Dutch & Dutch products and/or components that have been tampered with, disassembled, repaired, modified, or manipulated by anyone other than an authorized Dutch & Dutch representative or authorized distributor.
  8. Defects, malfunctions, loss, or damage stemming from the following circumstances: a. Any conditions outlined in (1) - (7) b. Accidents or negligence not attributed to Dutch & Dutch and authorized Dutch & Dutch dealers c. Incorrect installation or connection of the Dutch & Dutch product, not caused by Dutch & Dutch and authorized Dutch & Dutch dealers d. Improper maintenance, misuse, abuse, or inappropriate use, operation, or maintenance of the Dutch & Dutch product e. Operation of the Dutch & Dutch product with defective or unsuitable equipment f. Use of the Dutch & Dutch product under abnormal voltage or power surges g. Failure to use, operate, or maintain the Dutch & Dutch product according to the user manual instructions h. Exposure of the Dutch & Dutch product to extreme conditions i. Force majeure events, including but not limited to natural disasters, war, riot, public disturbance j. Other causes beyond the control of Dutch & Dutch and authorized Dutch & Dutch dealers

Expert Repair Services

Product repairs must be carried out by a Dutch & Dutch or authorized Dutch & Dutch service center. Dutch & Dutch retains the prerogative to utilize new or repaired components for warranty-related repairs. The components incorporated in any warranty repair will be safeguarded by an additional 3-month warranty period.

Conditions of Engagement

Secure your Dutch & Dutch products (inclusive of passive speakers, active speakers, powered subwoofers, motorized speakers, electronics, and headphones ["Dutch & Dutch Products"]) exclusively from dealers ("Authorized Dealers") and distributors authorized by Dutch & Dutch in their respective jurisdictions to vend authentic Dutch & Dutch Products. Entrust repair tasks solely to authorized entities. Essential components for maintaining the original performance of Dutch & Dutch Products are exclusively available through authorized distributors.

Warranty coverage is extended solely to Dutch & Dutch Products acquired from authorized dealers and accompanied by proof of purchase. No warranty is applicable to products or parts procured from unauthorized dealers/distributors. Keep and present a receipt or proof of purchase in case your product necessitates service.

The receipt or proof of purchase must clearly detail information such as the original purchase date, product name, model number, and authorized dealer particulars.

The terms and conditions of this warranty are subject to periodic revisions by Dutch & Dutch, and you consent to adhere to the latest terms. Any modifications to this warranty will be published on the official Dutch & Dutch Products website: www.dutchdutch.com.

Limitation of Liability

Beyond the warranty and services delineated within this warranty, Dutch & Dutch and its authorized distributors, within the bounds of applicable law, assume no liability towards you and/or any third party or entity for:

  • Any loss, damage, and/or defect affecting one or more products related to a Dutch & Dutch Product.
  • Any damage, loss, and liability (excluding personal injury or death), whether direct, indirect, incidental, resulting from special circumstances, punitive, or otherwise, arising from, connected to, or in any way relating to the installation, delivery, use, service, repair, replacement, and/or maintenance of the Dutch & Dutch Product.
  • Any damage, loss, and liability (excluding personal injury or death) under this warranty concerning an act, omission, or negligence of any of their technicians, employees, dealers, representatives, or independent contractors concerning the actual or alleged fulfillment of obligations within this warranty.

Without constraining the above, the maximum liability of Dutch & Dutch and its authorized distributors under this warranty shall under no circumstances or under any conditions surpass the actual paid purchase price of the Dutch & Dutch Product or Products.

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